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There are times in your life when you think that just when things can't get any worse they do. We have all had things happen to us...the lost job, divorce, loss of a loved one and so on. There are so many things that challenge us in our lives. One of the most by far is to suffer the loss of a child. The grief is a thing that stays with you for the rest of your life. It doesn't go away and it is an untruth when they say "time heals". It is a sad, sad fact.

My daughter Kristen was taken from this world at the age of 10. An inoperable brain tumor called a Brain Stem Glioma is what caused her death. One of the most deadly and incurable cancerous brain tumors that children get. Roughly 100-150 children a year get this type of tumor. Less than 10 percent of them survive longer than 9 months. New treatments are being tried and tested. Most show little promise.

When my daughter was diagnosed and I was given the grim prognosis I was in deep denial. Not my child...she will beat this thing. I learned everything I possibly could about brain tumors and searched and searched for a "cure". I learned there is no cure. The only thing I had to go on was hope and prayer. At the end I lost hope and the prayers turned from please God spare my daughter, to please God don't let my daughter suffer when it is time.

I was left with managing my family and a relentless illness for nine months. They were nine months that seemed like an eternity. There were some great times. The Make A Wish trip to Disney World...the Picnics, a first communion and a huge Birthday Party for Kristen one week before she passed away. All will be my most precious memories of her. Then there were the difficult times. The ones people do not speak of. The gobs of pills, infusion pumps and needles and doctors and hospitals and all that came with it. Through it all Kristen remained a very happy, brave and a special child. She left a mark on this world and touched many people.

Kristen's ordeal taught me how life is precious and it is not about money or material things. It is about what you leave the earth having accomplished.....whether you are 9 or 90. Every person has a purpose, and a reason to be here be it good or bad. Kristen taught me how a child can endure more pain and suffering than any adult and bounce back from it and still be able to laugh and smile and see the world in a wondrous new way as only a child could see it. And she touched more people than I ever realized because of it.

Kristen passed away on Sunday September 14, 1997..just 11 days after she turned 10.

I created this site to help future patients and parents of children who have Brain Stem Tumors. I also started a mini mailing list for patients with or whose children have Brain Stem Tumours, if you would like to be added send me an email or click here for information

This site started out small and has grown exponentially over the months to not only include Brain Stem Tumor information but a definitive site for Information on all Brain Tumors. Kristen's memory will live on in the people who are helped by this site. 

Click Here to go to Kristen's Memorial Page and to see her pictures

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